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About us

2008 = 22 years PS-Tours Jazz Cruise

Peter Seefried founded the PS-Tours travel agency in 1985 at the climatic spa Bergen in Chiemgau.

Already in 1987, he began to specialize in hosting Jazz cruises. In 1999, he also began to manage the entertainment for the Jazz Festival at Sea and hired the musicians himself. Gustl Mayer designs the music program for the Jazz Cruise in cooperation with Peter Seefried. Ulrike Seefried is responsible for booking and processing the charter and group trips. In the meantime, PS-Tours has become the largest organizer of Jazz Festivals at sea (and on the river) in Europe.

Bergen is centrally located on A8 Munich - Salzburg, near the Chiemsee, Berchtesgaden and Salzburg.
Ulrike Seefried also rents out 4 Star apartments at the same location. For more information, see Bergener-Aparthotel.

Jazz Cruise - PS-Tours
Hochfellnstraße 26
D-83346 Bergen
Tel: +49 (0)8662-48 88 13
E-Mail: info@ps-tours.com
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PS-Tours - Hochfellnstr. 26 - D-83346 Bergen - +49 (0)8662-48 88-0 - info@ps-tours.com